We respect your privacy and will never pass on details of any of our visitors or customers to any third parties unless requested by a government agency or according to your explicit permission.

As a common practice, a cookie may be stored on your computer to help us improve visitor experience. In addition, we are required to implement an authorisation process so that only visitors accepted a disclaimer about infant formula can then be allowed to access certain information on this site. Therefore, we may use a cookie or other mechanism to identify visitors who has accepted the disclaimer in a session. It is harmless and will not interfere your computer in anyway.

We will endeavour to keep our site secure and free from unauthorised access.

Under The Privacy Act 1993, you are entitled to access your personal information provided to us and request update and corrections if necessary.

If for whatever reasons, such as security failure, hacking, your information was leaked to a third party beyond our control, we will not be held responsible for any potential loss or consequent losses or damages that may occur.

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