Released March 2014

 Seal of approval for local milk formula

This may come as a surprise to some, but not all infant formula products manufactured and marketed in New Zealand must adhere to the strict code of conduct enforced by the Infant Nutrition Council (INC). Companies who are not members of this regulating body are not required to provide the consumer with adequate information relating to ingredients of milk formula products, or comply with any ethical or professional practices and principles, leaving the consumer and their offspring at risk.

For those mothers who are unable to breastfeed and seek breast milk alternatives, they can now rest assured they are buying a product which must abide by stringent guidelines set out by the INC. Setting the standard for the integrity of New Zealand’s infant formula, the INC holds its members accountable and responsible for maintaining transparent, professional and ethical practices for the benefit of the next generation.

Local producers of NuZtri Premium Formula, Best Health Products Ltd, has recently been approved and accepted as an associated member of the Infant Nutrition Organisation, placing NuZtri at the top of the list as a healthy and safe alternative for babies of mothers who are unable to breastfeed.

NuZtri’s General Manager, Craig Calder spoke of the company’s delight in having been approved as an associated member of the prestigious Infant Nutrition Organisation, after successfully fulfilling all INC criteria and undergoing a thorough INC assessment in February this year.

“NuZtri supports the aims and objectives of the Infant Nutrition Council, whereby all members must strictly adhere to the INC Code of Conduct which ensures industry best practice for marketing, regulatory compliance and the promotion of breastfeeding. We have worked hard to ensure our brand NuZtri provides mothers with adequate and truthful product information so they can be assured of making the right choice for their infants health and nutrition”, Craig said.

“Proper use of an infant formula is paramount to the health of the infant and NuZtri advocates for, sufficient information on all product packaging to ensure that consumers can select products that are suitable to the dietary needs of their non-breast infant.”

NuZtri is not just for infants, but is suitable for young children, and provides vitamin fortified milk powder for older children, adults and the elderly.

Available in over 40 supermarkets nationwide, NuZtri can be found throughout New Zealand  at Pak’n’Save and New World branches, as well as some Fresh Choice stores and selected Kosco stores. For further nutritional information on all NuZtri products and other fortified milk powder products produced by Best Health Products Ltd, or read more about the INO at

Released February 2014

NuZtri reaches milestone with first shipment to China

New Zealand owned Best Health Products Limited, producers of NuZtri Premium Formula and fortified Milk Powder today dispatched their first shipment of Fortified Milk Powder destined for the Chinese market.

“We have been waiting for some time for this day to arrive, finally NuZtri has dispatched our first shipment of Premium Forfeited Milk Powder to China” said Craig Calder General Manager of NuZtri.

“NuZtri has invested a considerable amount of money researching and developing a Premium Milk Powder product in New Zealand for the Chinese consumers. The demand for our product is high”.

Nuztri is relatively new New Zealand owned brand, for the past 2 years they have been developing and supplying the New Zealand domestic market with a range of Milk Powder and Formula Milk products via leading Supermarkets and Food stores. Their brand has become very popular with New Zealand Families that want nutrition for their infants, toddlers, children, expectant and breastfeeding mothers, adults and the elderly.

“New Zealand pasture-fed cow’s milk is produced from extremely healthy cows. In comparison, dairy cows from other countries are mostly raised in concentrated feedlots and
fed genetically engineered corn based stock. These cows may be regularly injected with antibiotics and hormones to boost their milk production by up to 20 times of what a normal pasture-fed cows could produce. From the collection of raw milk to the packaging it is all under very strict Risk Management Systems approved and audited regularly by New Zealand Food Safety Authority or its agents”. Craig said.

New Zealand is lucky to have access to top quality milk products at very affordable prices however, all infant, follow-on and toddler formula milk products marketed in New Zealand are currently dominated by multi-national brands which are mostly produced overseas. Choices for milk powders are also limited to plain full cream and skim (0.1% fat) milk powder while evaporated and condensed milk are all imported.

“Vitamins A and D deficiency is a worldwide problem and particularly in China and developing nations. Vitamin A plays a key role in maintaining healthy vision, skin, immune system and antioxidant activity. Vitamin A deficiency is estimated to affect approximately one third of children under the age of five around the world. These deficiencies can be higher in China”. Craig Calder remarked.

The human body can generate Vitamin D if the skin can obtain sufficient UV from sunlight. Research shows people in China today tend to sit longer indoors in preference to being outside where pollution levels are so high. As a result, insufficient Vitamin D has been linked to many diseases such as rickets (a soft bone disease among children); bone weakness and the increased risk of fracture in adults and elderly; multiple sclerosis; diabetes; cancer and heart disease. In some western countries such as the USA and Canada, milk must be fortified with Vitamin D to prevent Vitamin D deficiency.

“Drinking Vitamin D enriched milk instead of standard milk is an easy and safe way to ensure children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly have sufficient Vitamin D. The same applies to drinking milk enriched with Vitamins A. We are extremely proud of the NuZtri Milk Powder product  it has a better balance of Vitamins A and D, the brand has been widely accepted by New Zealanders that is why we are so excited about our first shipment being sent to China”, Craig Calder General Manager of NuZtri.

NuZtri is a New Zealand made formula milk for infants and young children as well as vitamin fortified milk powder for older children, adults and the elderly under NuZtri® brand.


Released August 2013

Nuztri Brand of Formula is a Safe Alternative

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) today announced the details of one product in New Zealand potentially containing contaminated whey protein from Fonterra’s Hautapu manufacturing facility.

MPI advised parents to use alternative brands.

 We have been advised that none of Nuztri brand infant, follow-on and growing up formula and fortified full cream and skim milk powder used the contaminated whey protein which was made on 17, 18 and 22 of May 2012.

Nuztri brand premium Gold+ formula is available in most Pak’ N Save and New World stores in the South Island, from Christchurch to Greymouth and from Dunedin to Nelson, and in some North Island stores from Hamilton to Wellington. They will be available in more North Island stores gradually. Ask your local store for availability. Alternatively you may order from us directly. Delivery is free while we are setting up national distribution channels.

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