How does diet affect breast milk?

A mother passes many nutrients to her baby while breastfeeding therefore a good diet is essential. It is important that plenty of good food, vitamins and minerals are included in a mother’s diet to completely nourish herself and her baby. Some foods eaten may not always agree with baby and cause tummy upsets so it is important to monitor dietary intake and to talk to your health professional if you have any concerns.

What should I do if I can’t breast feed?
When breastfeeding is not an option for whatever reason, the only suitable and safe alternative is a scientifically developed infant formula. Cow’s milk is too high in protein and other nutrients and not nutritionally suitable as a main milk drink for your baby until at least one year old.

Which formula should I choose for my baby’s stage: 1, 2 or 3?
Different ‘stages’ of formulas are usually numbered 1, 2 or 3. Formulas with a ’1′ are usually suitable from birth; ‘ 2′ are suitable from six months, and ‘3’ are toddler milk drinks, suitable from 12 months onwards.

What are Infant Formulas from birth?
Infant formula (often based on cow’s milk) is available in many countries like New Zealand. These formulas have been significantly modified to make them nutritionally suitable to support the growth and development of infants. The product is whey dominate making them easier to digest and therefore more suitable for younger babies. Infant formulas are used when it is not possible to breastfeed. While breastfeeding is ideal, should you be unable to, it is critically important for your baby’s health and development, to give your baby the very best possible nutritional substitute available.

What are Follow-on Formulas for babies older than six months?
Formulas for babies six months and older are called follow-on formulas. These formulas may are casein dominant and more slowly digested. If your baby is happy, however, on infant formulas you may continue to feed with this until 12 months of age. The follow-on formulas have higher levels of iron, protein and other nutrients compared with infant formulas. Babies from 6 months onwards will also need extra nutrition with solid foods introduced into their diet.

What Toddler milk drinks should I use from 12 months?
From 12 months onwards, your toddler can now drink cow’s milk. Cow’s milk, however, is a poor source of iron and often a toddler’s diet may be lacking in this nutrient due to small appetites and picky eating.
NuZtri® Premium Gold+ Growing Up Formula Milk Powder for toddlers from 1 year offers toddlers a good source of iron and other essential nutrients. Replacing cow’s milk with a NuZtri® milk drink is a beneficial alternative and offers all the goodness of milk with extra iron and nutrients.

Nuztri® has three different products suitable for babies from birth:

NuZtri® Premium Gold+ Infant Formula Milk Powder for babies from birth (Formula 1)

NuZtri® Premium Gold+ Follow-on Formula Milk Powder for babies from 6 to 12 months (Formula 2)

NuZtri® Premium Gold+ Growing Up Formula Milk Powder for toddlers from 1 year (Formula 3)

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