NuZtri® brand formula milk and fortified milk powder are from Best Health Products Ltd, a 100% NZ owned and operated company established in 2003.

NZ Made and Certified.

NuZtri® Formula Milk and Nuztri® Vitamin Enriched Milk Powders are made from New Zealand cow’s milk in the state of the art manufacturing facilities in New Zealand. With strick Risk Management Programmes approved and audited by NZ Food Safety Authority are in every step of the supply chain from farm yards to packing, you can be confident in the quality of our range of milk products.

We are a Member of Infant Nutrition Council, the industry supporting both Breastfeeding & Infant Formula in Australia and New Zealand.

Our company is proudly based in Christchurch, New Zealand with distribution centres in both the North and South Islands.

NuZtri® is a registered trademark of Best Health Products Ltd.

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